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#682 (He Came from the South)

He came from the South
long braid flashing in the sun
as he fancy danced into my heart
and into my bed

Dakota Nakoda Lakota
maybe even Saulteaux
his southern language
making my Dene tongue
form exotic syllables
teaching me his language
he whispered words
of his ancestors
into my mouth
across my neck
down my hips

He would sing me love songs
beats formed from a hand drum
he had made himself
at his Grandfather's knee
Ancient powwow cries
tumbled us down
to nights spent not sleeping
creating our own tribal music

I would cover his mouth with my hand
laughing and free as I rode him
like he would ride a war pony
covering his own nicker
of surrender and pleasure
night sky above me
wild grass below me
him within me

Sweat would dry against my skin
as I lay down beside him
watching his lips
whisper thanks to the Creator
who gave us this instance
of cultural unity

I laughed then
curling up against him
sniffing at his neck
playing whith his long black strands
that mixed with mine

My Saulteaux warrior
My Nakota Fancy Dancer
My Indian Lover

for tonight, anyway

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