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Rain and Sleep

1.   There are so many things about rain
      I know only when I'm asleep

2.   The air becomes charged —
      just before the switch, you can taste it —
      the leaves turn their white undersides up,
      eyes roll back, a different current
      begins to flow.

3.   Rain comes like sleep — a lilted whisper.
      Sleep descends like rain upon mown grass.

4.   Reading a long novel — a series of naps
      between chapters; a series
      of brief showers in the yard.

5.   drizzling   drowsing
      dowsing   dozing
      sleet         sleep

6.   The sound of rain — you long for sleep.
      In dreams, you wak remembered streets,
      holding an umbrella.

7.   That woman you seek, but
      never find — she's rain;
     she's sleep.

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