Review of Angloman 1

Angloman 1

Angloman is a hybrid of form and content. The drawings by Gabriel Morrissette are bold and broad, exhibiting the violent wham of comics. The text by Mark Shainblum begins with the familiar situations of comic-book types, but the punch-lines are closer to a Freudian dissection of familiar headlines. As a look at who we are collectively, Angloman seems oh-so-accurate.

The Montreal Gazette

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Angloman 1

Knocks the stuffing out of Canadian blowhards, egotists and malcontents of every political stripe...Angloman's humour has an engagingly playful edge, complemented by artwork that's dynamic, clearly drawn and accessible.

The Toronto Star

Angloman 1

If the mere mention of the word constitutional makes you see red, then this Canadian comic book—a fusion of superhero adventure and political satire—is the perfect antidote.

The Globe & Mail

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