About the book

Quebec’s best-known ethnic minority superhero returns for another parody-rich romp through the surrealistic politics of La Belle Province. The plot thickens with the arrival of Matzoh-girl, Power Chin, Canada!man, Blocman, Le Capitaine Souche, Partition Man, and, of course, the malevolent Torontorg.

About the authors

Shainblum, Mark

Writer Mark Shainblum, a lifelong native of Montreal, leads a secret double life as both mainstream journalist and comic book writer. In the mid-eighties, Shainblum founded Matrix Graphics, an independent Canadian comic book publisher. He was also the co-creator of Northguard, a post-modern superhero series acclaimed by the Canadian Museum of Caricature as "...the most sophisticated depiction ever of a Canadian national superhero." A former literary columnist for Hour, the Montreal arts and culture weekly, Shainblum currently freelances for such publications as The Montreal Gazette and Quill & Quire, as well as New York's Broadway Comics.

Morrissette, Gabriel

Illustrator Gabriel Morrissette is a prolific comic book artist who began his career in 1984 collaborating with Shainblum on Northguard. In recent years Morrissette has worked on such classic mainstream comics as Doc Savage and Spiderman 2099, as well as many alternative and independent comics. Morrissette has also worked extensively in French for such Québecois humour magazines as Croc and Safarir, for whom he illustrates the adventures of humorous Québecois superhero Séveudireman. His illustration of Northguard's ally Fleur de Lys was recently featured in a Canadian superhero stamp series issued by Canada Post.


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Faster than a police car speeding through a red light! More powerful than the language police! Able to leap empty downtown office buildings in a single bound! Look up in the sky! It's a best-seller! It's a sequel! It's Angloman… >>

The Montreal Gazette

Angloman is the ideal antidote for anybody who, on either side of the issue, has had it up to here with the constitutional crisis. >>

La Presse

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