Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation



About the book

A CD of spoken word with music, Simultaneous Translation features sixteen poems, written and performed by the award-winning Terrance Cox.

Providing original musical settings are returnee collaborators from the critically acclaimed disc Local Scores, including producer Matthew Poulakakis, Beth Bartley and Mark Clifford (who are the internationally touring duo, Vox Violins), and the "Aztec" composer, Rafael "Gato" Fuentes. Newcomer contributions come from Bill Roberts and Steven Sauve, musicians, both, of wide experience and considerable repute.

On Simultaneous Translation, Cox's poems engage the titular phrase's connotations with variety and licence. "Translation," beyond the crossing of linguistic borders, extends to the process of writing itself, which alters actuality into documents, turns flesh into words. Spoken performance transmutes text to voice. The composers make words "something else": an adjunct to their music, the whole process heard as "simultaneous."

About the author

Cox, Terrance

Terrance Cox lives in St. Catharines, Ontario. He performs his own poems to musical accompaniment on the recently released spoken word CD, Local Scores.

Terrance's work has also appeared in numerous journals, including Dalhousie Review, Grain, The Fiddlehead, Prism International, Quarry and Queen's Quarterly. Radio & Other Miracles is his first book.


There is currently no excerpt for this title.

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