Virgo Out Loud

Virgo Out Loud



About the book

Virgo Out Loud features a powerful collection of unabridged fiction, most of which is published here for the first time in any form, including: a chilling and prophetic tale from an ex-Communist official in post-Tito Yugoslavia; a novella set in Ireland fifty years after the creation of the Free State, but not too late for revenge; the mythical tale of a shark-man in the Solomon Islands; and the lyrical death-dream of a boy thrown from a bolting horse in southwestern Ontario.

Double audio CD set

About the author

Virgo, Seán

Seán Virgo was born in Malta, and grew up in South Africa, Malaya, Ireland and the U.K. He immigrated to Canada in 1966 and became a citizen in 1972.

He has published a number of works of both poetry and fiction including: Pieces for the Old Earth Man; Island; Selected Poems; White Lies & Other Fictions; Through the Eyes of a Cat, Selakhi, Wormwood, and Waking in Eden.

His work has won various awards, including the CBC Competition, the BBC 3 Short Story Competition, and National Magazine Awards for both poetry and fiction.


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