Roland Vandal is Our Manitoba Hero!

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Congratulations to Roland Vandal on being one of Our Manitoba Heroes for 2017!
"Our Manitoba Heroes recognize individuals in our province who make an impact in our communities and our 2017 Heroes are no exception...Thank you to our Heroes for all that they do. Your selfless efforts continue to inspire us all to make a difference!"

Lise Gaston - Rob McLennan blog interview Aug 6 2017

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Rob McLennan's Blog: 12 or 20 (second series) questions with Lise Gaston David W. McFadden once said that books come from books, but are there any other forms that influence your work, whether nature, music, science or visual art? "Cityscapes was heavily influenced not by any specific work of art, but by historical ways of seeing, particularly the picturesque movement, with its romanticization of ruin, its coloured glasses. My work is influenced by place in general, whether urban or “natural”—I’m particularly intrigued by how unclean those categories are." View Lise's full interview at:

CBC Radio

Tenille K. Campbell on “New Fire” Podcast – CBC Radio

Tenille K. Campbell is the first guest for the new CBC radio podcast "New Fire" with Lisa Charleyboy. In this radio segment she answers interview questions while reading a few poems from her book.
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Tenille K. Campbell is the author of #IndianLovePoems

Sunday July 23, 2017


UMFM 105.1

Tenille K. Campbell – UMFM

Tenille talks with UMFM's Jesse A. Thistle for At The Edge Of Canada: Indigenous Research. Click the link to listen to the podcast!
(MP3 file, 29 minutes) K. Campbell – UMFM&loadingcolor=ffffff&buttoncolor=ebebeb&slidercolor=d2d2d2" />">Download the MP3 clip

Tenille K. Campbell is the author of #IndianLovePoems

#IndianLovePoems is #65 on The Great Canadian Reading List

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#IndianLovePoems is #65 on CBC's list of The Great Canadian reading list: 150 books to read for Canada 150.

Read the full list at:

The Back Channels by Jennifer Houle wins the J.M. Abraham Poetry Award

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The 2017 East Coast Literary Awards announce Jennifer Houle as winner of the J.M. Abraham Poetry Award for her debut collection, The Back Channels.

Can’t Lit Podcast with Tenille K. Campbell, May 29, 2017

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Hosts Dina and Daniel sit down and have a fun chat about writing life, sex, desires, and culture in Tenille K. Campbell's new poetry book #IndianLovePoems. Visit the full site at

Behold Things Beautiful on The New Quarterley

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Sivan Slapak at The New Quarterlery features Behold Things Beautiful by Cora Siré in "Who's Reading What for Issue 147". Check out the full posting at:

The Emergence of Lyme disease in Canada

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Winnipeg Public Library Invites Applications for the Position of Writer-in-Residence for 2017-18

We welcome interested Signature authors to apply!

Application deadline: Monday, June 12, 2017

For more information, please go to:

Midway Radicals & Archi-Poems on McNally’s Best Sellers!

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Midway Radicals & Archi-Poems is listed in the top five Paperback Fiction titles for McNally Robinson's Best Sellers list for the week of April 23 – May 3. Way to go, Ted!

The Spanish Boy wins the Mary Scorer Award!

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The Spanish Boy by C.S. Reardon is this year's winner of the Mary Scorer Book Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher!

The Back Channels by Jennifer Houle shortlisted for the JM Abraham Poetry Award!

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A big congratulations to our author Jennifer Houle on The Back Channels shortlist nomination for the East Coast Literary Awards JM Abraham Poetry Award!

The Back Channels by Jennifer Houle shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award

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The League of Canadian Poets announces The Back Channels has been nominated for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. A big congratulations to Jennifer Houle!

The Spanish Boy shortlisted for the Mary Scorer Award

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We are pleased to announce that the 2017 Manitoba Book Awards has nominated The Spanish Boy by C.S. Reardon for the Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher!

Martial Music shortlisted for the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry

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We are excited to share that the 2017 Manitoba Book Awards has nominated Martial Music by George Amabile for the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry!

Cora Siré on CKUT Radio

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On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, Cora Siré was on CKUT Radio for the Literary Report with host Jeffrey Mackie. Listen to her interview here!

Behold Things Beautiful featured on the Globe and Mail

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Jade Colbert features Behold Things Beautiful by Cora Siré for the Globe and Mail Book Reviews.

Find it here

Endre Farkas on CKUT Radio

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Endre Farkas talks with Jeffrey Mackie from the Literary Report on Radio CKUT about his new novel, Never, Again.

CBC’s North by Northwest sits down with Stella Levantoyannis Harvey

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Stella Harvey's novel, The Brink of Freedom offers a space to understand the refugee crisis through the eyes of fictional characters.

She sat down with the CBC's North by Northwest to talk about her latest novel, The Brink of Freedom, which drops the reader right into the current day refugee crisis on the shores of Greece, a topic that resonates close to home for Harvey because of her Greek heritage.

"It's a way to reconnect to that heritage, to try to understand it and get close to it," she said. The novel centres around several characters including a refugee couple from India with their sickly son, a Greek police officer, a Romani couple and a Canadian aid worker.

"It was really trying to understand what the issue was. We hear the numbers. Last year in 2015, of the million people that came and were seeking asylum in Europe, just over 850,000 came via Greece. Close to 4,000 people died in the Mediterranean. It's hard to capture what that means," Harvey said.

Harvey was in Greece most recently during the height of the economic crisis in 2012. She immersed herself in the conflict of the country to better understand the situation. She organized the trip through the Greek consulate in Vancouver before she left which helped her gain access to refugee processing centres and government officials.

"By the time I left Canada, I had appointments booked in Athens. The Greek government was totally open, everyone wanted me to understand the situation," she said.

"That was the most important thing. I really felt like they wanted to see the success of the book. They wanted to see me succeed."

During that time, she witnessed a change in the Greek people who she remembered as famously hospitable. Racism and the rise of the far right party, Golden Dawn, skewed her initial impression of her native country.

"By the end of the writing of the book, I had totally changed my mind, because I saw quite a lot more than hospitality.

"People who have very little, going out and helping their fellow man, Syrians, other refugees, et cetera, come off boats and provide food and do whatever they can. My opinion changed considerably."

The Brink of Freedom deals with how Westerners approach foreign aid. The character of the Canadian aid worker exposes the divide between what many believe is the right way to help, and the impact those actions have on emergencies such as this.

Listen to the podcast here:

Read the rest of the article here.