Review of A Quiet Night and a Perfect End

A Quiet Night and a Perfect End

These are delicate but solid, weight-bearing stories.

— Grace Paley

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A Quiet Night and a Perfect End

Roig's first short story collection, the wonderfully titled A Quiet Night and a Perfect End, is invested with the kind of compassion for its characters and honesty about their actions that is not just rare but unheard of in a first collection.

Quill & Quire

A Quiet Night and a Perfect End

A Quiet Night and a Perfect End is anything but predictable. In story after story, Roig avoids easy drama and through apparently simple narratives, reaches deep into the human psyche, probing with refreshing delicacy the fragile balance of the human condition. She has also avoided the bête noire of first books by keeping coming-of-age angst to a minimum. Instead, most of these stories focus on distinctly adult dilemmas: the constancy of matrimonial love, the subtle power plays between partners, the unbearable pain of losing a child, physically or metaphorically, and the complex joy of intimacy. At this stage of life, there are few quiet nights and no prospect of a perfect end, but somehow, in Roig's version of things, that doesn't seem so bad. In fact, it makes a precious kind of sense.

The Montreal Gazette

A Quiet Night and a Perfect End

These wonderful stories are about distance and loss: children move away, husbands leave, babies die. There is such quiet pain here and yet, and yet, there is a sense that the searching and seeking, the pain and bewilderment are worth it, in the end, the price one pays for letting love in, whether it is love of a man for a woman, a woman for a man, a parent for a child. And then, they take us beyond despair into moments of what we could almost call joy, or if not joy, a deeply shared courage that makes us gasp and say, 'Yes, that's how it happened, that's how it was.

— Audrey Thomas

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