Review of Swimming Among the Ruins

Swimming Among the Ruins

Rapt, wholly attentive to the tang of the moment, Susan Gillis' poems take us to moods we thought familiar and reveal them as thresholds of risk and awakening: they remind us that vulnerability to lyric beauty is always the necessary danger.

— Don McKay

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Swimming Among the Ruins

Susan Gillis' wonderful debut collection is a risky adventure into the always difficult poetic terrain of love of men and women, of places known and unfamiliar and, ultimately, of self. Her particular slant on the subject is the notion that 'what's hardest is not to know why / but how anything happens.' As if to nail down the 'how' of it, her poems brim with sensual, exact images of the natural world, in a voice that confirms a natural ear for the music of her lines, and a mastery of craft that is a pleasure to watch at work.

— Michael Harris

Swimming Among the Ruins

In her debut collection, Susan Gillis transforms the familiar themes of 'poet abroad/poet in love' into a work that is both new and remarkable. with haiku-like attention to both mood and description, Gillis takes the reader along with her as she travels through foreign landscapes of both an external and internal nature.

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