Review of The Cat Among Us

The Cat Among Us

Author Louise Carson has a cozy that hasn’t been drizzled with maple syrup. The murder is off
stage but the motive is neatly woven into an entertaining story laced with small town family
foibles, revealing commentary about art and well paced dialogue.

Murder is a private affair in this second Lousie Carons tale and remains so until the motive
makes it public. Sprinkled with cats, desserts, horticulture and art, The Cat Among Us finds
commercial artist, Gerry Coneybear inheriting an quaint old waterfront property in a typical
village after the death of her aunt.

For good or otherwise, Gerry also inherits a house full of cats and a housekeeper, each
outdoing the other at championing eccentricity.
Did good old Aunt Maggie pass on naturally or was she assisted? The writing compelled me to
find out. If you like your cozies laced with a brain, and a touch of art and evil, then you will
enjoy The Cat Among Us. I did and now I’m looking forward to reading the next one.

— Don Graves Hamilton Spectator, Goodreads

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