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Hello, Friends,

I am pleased to be Signature Editions' Author of the Month, and welcome you to dialogue with me about my new release, I Wasn't Always Like This, the writing life, and-or (most!) anything else. 

I have been writing and publishing poetry, creative nonfiction, short stories, essays, novels (one for 10 - 13 year olds, another for adults), and children's literature for over two decades. I'm especially thrilled that Signature published my essay collection, as I find it such an exciting genre to both work in and read. I also work as a freelance writer, an editor, a book reviewer, and a workshop leader. For many years I was employed as a radio advertising copywriter (both in Saskatoon and Edmonton). 

Tonight I will present my second home salon: an interactive presentation beginning with a brief introduction and a story (about online dating!) from the book. Then the floor is open and I get to enjoy the luxury of hearing other people's stories. It's an exciting, moving, and enriching experience. I was recently invited to present a home salon in Roberts Creek, BC, and the evening was nothing short of transcendent. The participants were so frank and willing to share. Tonight's salon is in my home in Ladysmith, BC: the chairs are out, surfaces are dusted, and wine glasses are at the ready. I wish you could be here!

It's a drippy day here on the coast, but there are flowers blooming in my wee garden, and yesterday I saw my first robin of the year. I'm from Saskatchewan; Vancouver Island feels like the tropics to me.

I wish you a happy long weekend (I am going to Tofino – hurray! – and may even go surfing). I hope your plans include some quiet time, and you lose (or find!) yourself inside the covers of a book.

All good things to you,


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