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Posted February 2015 as part of the Featured Authors blog.

I'm not sure quite how it happens, but there seems to be some kind of magic at play during these literary salons with I Wasn't Always Like This. Last week my friend Rachel invited her friends to my home for an interactive presentation, and again, it was a spectacular experience for me -- and judging from their comments, for all the women involved. One woman said: "You need to do this every six weeks!" Here are some other reactions to the evening:

" ... a BIG THANK YOU to Shelley for sharing her book and herself with us and for creating a safe and open space for everyone to share in. She is an incredible woman in every way and is a real inspiration -- demontrating the possibilities that are there for each of us, even with all our imperfections, fears, baggage (maybe even because of them!)." - Sharon, Nanaimo

"Thank you Rachel (host) for the wonderful, intimate evening. It was one of the best nights I have had since moving to Ladysmith." - Joanne, Ladysmith

"I echo Joanne's words ... it was a wonderful, intimiate evening. Thank you for creating the space and asking the questions that made it possible." - Rachel, Ladysmith

"Thanks so much to you and Rachel for a lovely evening of women and words and support! I think these salons are a wonderful idea." - Aspen, Youbou

The local newspaper, The Ladysmith\Chemainus Chronicle published a long piece on the new book this week; my publisher has made it available here on the Signature Editions website.

This week I am thoroughly immersed in the business of being a writer. What this means for me is that I have been freelancing (writing business letters for a client), I supplied photographs to the Chamber of Commerce in Ladysmith for their Tourist Guide, I am reviewing a YA Fantasy novel for SK Books, and I am reviewing a historical novel (on the life of Daniel Boone!) for a newspaper. I am also beginning to edit the novel of a talented teen writer in Saskatoon. Add ongoing tour planning, and working on a new essay for a literary journal, and you get a good picture of a day in the life of this writer.

It's not all work, of course. I was able to get away to Tofino on the weekend, and I so enjoyed being on -- and in! -- the water. I love Vancouver Island!


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