Missing Children

Missing Children



About the book

Dr. Lorne Thorpe, a well-known pediatrician, is on a rare outing with his daughter Shawn when she goes missing. Although Shawn eventually returns, seemingly unharmed but refusing to talk about what has happened, it seems that she is not the only child who has gone missing from their Troutstream neighbourhood. Detective Beldon has been put on the case, but Dr. Thorpe's increasingly erratic behaviour is hindering his investigation. And it's imperative to solve the mystery before more children disappear.

About the author

Lynch, Gerald Gerald Lynch was born in Ireland and grew up in Canada. Missing Children is his fifth book of fiction, the third set in the Ottawa suburb of Troutstream, and preceded by the acclaimed novels Troutstream (1995) and Exotic Dancers (2001). He has also authored two books of non fiction, edited a number of books, and published many short stories and essays and reviews. He has been the recipient of a number of awards for his writing, including the gold award for short fiction in Canada’s National Magazine Awards. He teaches at the University of Ottawa. Visit Gerald's website here: http://geraldlynch.weebly.com/


Only one of the chicks, which must have been near the end of its stay in the incubator, was moving confidently about, pecking at the others. That upset the girls, while some boys hooted. Mostly, the dome was occupied by eggs in various stages of cracking. Chicks don’t just hatch out instantly as we’ve been led to expect by cartoons and TV. You can spend forever watching an egg with a small star-shaped crack, or even one with a fair-sized hole, before the unseen beak pecks again. Labour is labour is labour. So no cute yellow Easter chicks leaping fluff-feathered from split shells in a burst of light and cheep-cheeping to beat the clock. Besides which, the light at even the most minuscule crack would be flooding into the shell. The inaction didn’t disappoint the kids at all, who were delighted to share the suspenseful delays and surprising pecks.

I smiled down at Shawn, who wasn’t there.


The case of the professor and the mystery novel
U of O professor releases his newest novel, Missing Children

While University of Ottawa English professor Gerald Lynch’s research focuses on Canadian and Irish fiction, his newly published… >>

— Maitland Shaheen The Fulcrum

This is a bizarre, and in places very violent, mystery set in an imagined suburb of Ottawa. In his third work set in totally-normal appearing Troutstream, author Gerald Lynch takes us on a wild ride during a baking late-summer week… >>

— John Brooke Author of the Aliette Nouvelle Mystery Series

As tethered to the rest of the world as it is, Ottawa often feels like a small, even private, city. That’s why it can be so jarring to open a local book and find a character stepping into a park… >>

— Eric Murphy Ottawa Life Magazine

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